Palliative Care, Wound Care, Pain, Compound

The goal of palliative care is to achieve the best possible quality of life for patients and their families through to the end of life. Our compounding specialists work closely with families and healthcare providers to provide relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness. Symptom control may involve therapies for pain management, nausea & vomiting, dry mouth & stomatitis, excessive pulmonary secretions/death rattle, radiation mucositis and proctitis, and wound care.

Below is a list of palliative care treatments we commonly compound.

Common Palliative Care Compounds:

  • ABHR - gel and troche
  • Cholestyramine ointment
  • Dextromethorphan
  • Single agent and oral modified release preparations
  • Hydrocodone without acetaminophen
  • Lidocaine -Tetracaine spray
  • Metoclopramide- nasal spray and suppository
  • Misoprostol – suppository and oral preparations
  • Morphine transdermal
  • Pilocarpine – gel, lollipop, or oral modified release preparations
  • Promethazine gel
  • Scopolamine gel
  • Short chain fatty acid enemas
  • Sucralfate oral adhesive paste, cream, and enema

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